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Date : 2021.Oct.30 (SAT)

Application date and time : 2021. Oct. 08 (FRI) untill 6pm

Location : Anyang Ari HallThe Department of Beautiful Leader Building)

Host : GyeongJu University, T&B Entertainment

Sponsorship : T&B Music, T&B International

Question : E-mail- tnbent@naver.com / Kakao Talk-tnbent



* Participation

(No limitations of age, contestants are allowed to play with musical notes)

- Instrumental music: piano, string instruments, wind instruments, classical guitar etc.

- Vocal: male & female not divided

- Chamber music: duet, trio, quartette, ensemble, etc.

- Composition: Self-composed piece of classical or practical music (Contestants are to present the musical notes beforehand; performance to be held in the competition day)

- Practical music: instruments, vocal, etc

- Korean classical music: string instrument, wind instrument, chorus of Korean Gayageum etc.

- Conduction: music conducting

-Musicakl: male & female not divided


*Contestants for the instrumental music and vocal departments will be divided into junior, junior high, senior and college groups.*



* Participating Song

One music piece of free choice (Max. 10 minutes long)


* Award Details

- Grand Prize (GyeongJu University President Award),

- 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place and participation prizes will be given in each department




★ Evaluation details

Judge Pane: Experts from each of music departments will be appointed

Results announcement: 2021. Nov. 01

* T&B Entertainment webpage: www.tnbenter.com





* Grand Prize

# Grand Prize (Anyang University President Award)

- 3,000,000 Korean Won (After tax)

- Full Scholarship if enroll bachelor, master or doctoral degree programs in Anyang University

- Full-Length album production

- Becoming a T&B Entertainment artist

- Participation in music festivals in and outside South Korea

- Participation in the judge panel members' album, and composition appointment

- Opportunity to perform together with Phil Harmonians Seoul Orchestra

- Anyang University President's Award, Russia Crimea Minister of Culture Award


# 1st place winners of each department get

- Digital Single Album Production (during 1 month after the results announcement)

- Scholarship as an outstanding student if enroll bachelor, master or doctoral degree programs in Anyang University

- The preliminary round exemption from international music competitions in Russia (Omsk, Crimea, and st. petersburg) in 2022


# All the winners get

- Award certificate, Opportunity to perform as a soloist with orchestra

- Opportunity to apply for ‘outstanding abilities scholarship’ (50% of a year tuition fee will be exempted) if enrolled in Anyang University. (Evaluation: student admission office)





Application date and time: 2021. Oct. 08 (FRI) until 6pm


Participation Fee:

- Woori Bank T&B Entertainment (Park Tae Hwan) 1005-402-106378

- Solo 150,000 WON/KOR / Chamber music 250,000 WON/KOR

(fee depositor’s name and participant’s name should be the same)


How to Apply:

1. Go to webpage: www.tnbenter.com -> Go to “PRESS” message board -> Download an application form at “T&B NEWS” message board -> Send the form to tnbent@naver.com

2. Go to webpage: http://blog.naver.com/tnbent -> Go to "Concours" message board -> Send the form to tnbent@naver.com


※ Due to the corona virus, you can participate online 

Please send the Youtube link to T&B Entertainment's email tnbent@naver.com.

*Judges on the day will be judged both offline and online*


-Inquiries: E-mail: tnbent@naver.com / KakaoTalk: tnbent


*For more information refer to T&B webpage : www.tnbenter.com*





*Concours schedule announcement: Detailed performances‘ schedule will be announced on the competition day

For more information refer to T&B Entertainment webpage : www.tnbenter.com





After announcing the first prize winners of each department, second competition will be held in a professional recording studio to select grand prize winner. (Closed-door evaluation)

No repetitions will be held before performances. (If necessary, you can play within 10 bars)

Judges can pause the performances if feel necessary.

You must bring your own instruments and come with your accompanist on your own. (Accompanist should be requested from T&B Entertainment if needed)

Bringing recording devices into a competition hall is strongly prohibited (Including cell phones)

Competition schedule and overall information will be updated on the webpage (www.tnbenter.com)

Participation fee and application form cannot be refunded or returned.

The company holds no responsibility for not clearly checked information

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